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DIY Corner Shelving

If you have an unused corner in your home, here is a great way to put it to use and create storage. Mandi, from Making Nice in the Midwest, is the brains behind this project.  She shared this idea as a contributor to the blog, A Beautiful Mess. This is a project that is inexpensive […]

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DIY Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry is the “icing on the cake” of any outfit!  You can take the same outfit and make it look completely different with different pieces of jewelry. So having a lot of jewelry on hand to spruce up any outfit is fun! But it is NOT fun trying to keep all of that jewelry organized. […]

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Organizing a Shirt Drawer

I found this picture on Pinterest, but was unable to find the source. My boys shirt drawers look exactly like the “before” picture.  Do you think there is any chance I could get them to make it look like the “after?” So much space is saved by folding your shirts this way.  Why not give […]

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DIY Rolling Storage Crates

About a month ago, I shared some DIY Rolling Storage Crates that I built for my son’s room on my other blog, Beneath My Heart. Since these crates are a great way to organize any room, I thought I could highlight them on this blog as well. I built these crates for my son’s industrial […]

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