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DIY Makeup Brush Organizer

Okay, this is a cool idea! Create your own makeup brush holder with a bamboo placemat and ribbon! I found this genius idea on  They provide step by step instructions on how to create your own personalized make up brush holder.   To see the complete tutorial, click HERE. Happy Organizing!!!     If […]

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DIY Chalkboard Labels

One of the main ways to organize and STAY organized is to label items. Labeling is a must to keep everything in it’s place. There are all types of cute ways to label items these days, like these DIY Chalkboard Labels.   Samantha, from Simply Organized, created these cute chalkboard labels to help organize her […]

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DIY Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry is the “icing on the cake” of any outfit!  You can take the same outfit and make it look completely different with different pieces of jewelry. So having a lot of jewelry on hand to spruce up any outfit is fun! But it is NOT fun trying to keep all of that jewelry organized. […]

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Laundry Room Organizer

I found this laundry room organizer on Pinterest.  I was pinned by Emily Howse.  You can see her board HERE.   From what I can tell, show doesn’t have a blog, but this is what she said about her laundry room… “Saw pedestals, and my sweet husband and I recreated and made this!  It’s made […]

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Organized Mudroom

Here is a beautiful mudroom to inspire you. Traditional Entry by Washington Architects & Designers Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc   What I love about this space is the creative little desk area in the middle of the built-ins. There is a phone, pens and pencils, spaces for ingoing and outgoing mail, and more.  I think […]

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DIY Knock-off Magazine Files

Colorful things make me happy.  Colorful, Organized things make me even more happier.  That’s why these DIY Knock-off Magazine Files make me smile.  Diane, from In My Own Style, took plain cardboard file boxes and covered them with brightly colored wrapping paper.  Then she added those cute labels.  And if you think those colorful magazine […]

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“Give, Save, Spend” Jars for Kids

  When we think of organizing, we usually think more about organizing our home than organizing our money.  But teaching ourselves and our kids how to organize money is a very important thing to do! That’s why I love this idea from Sarah at An Inviting Home!   Sarah shares, “For over two years we […]

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Organizing your Kitchen

  “The kitchen is the heart of the home. Keeping it organized means more cooking at home, dinners around the table, and family time. And when there’s a place for everything, all of the family can help keep the kitchen clean and organized…ready for the next home-cooked meal,”  says Sharon, from Mrs. Hines’ Class.   […]

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Family Command Center

Here is another example of a wonderful family command center from Angie at Postcards from the Ridge.  Don’t you love that brick wall?! Angie covered a large bulletin board with burlap, and then filled it with a ton of important stuff for her family to use to stay organized. I love the baskets to the […]

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