“Give, Save, Spend” Jars for Kids


When we think of organizing, we usually think more about organizing our home than organizing our money.  But teaching ourselves and our kids how to organize money is a very important thing to do!

That’s why I love this idea from Sarah at An Inviting Home!


Give, Save, Spend Jars For Kids!

Sarah shares, “For over two years we have been using responsibility charts with our kids. At the end of each week our kids get a certain amount of quarters to split up into three categories. Before they had various piggy banks through out the house and we didn’t always take the time to gather the banks and pass out the quarters. This inexpensive solution came in hopes of keeping everything together and being more consistent. The kids are learning the importance of giving, saving and having money of their own to spend. It is a win, win for everybody!”


This is so inspiring and something I would love to start in my own family!

Sarah shares more about her Give, Save, Spend system on her blog, and you can read about it HERE.

You can also read about how she uses “responsibility charts” with her children HERE.

Happy Organizing!!!

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