“Dress Up” Zone

If your kids love playing dress up like my kids do, then you know how frustrating it can be when they leave their dress up clothes laying around on the floor after playing.

That is how Amy, from Delineate your Dwelling, felt.

She said, “Keeping my kid’s dress up clothes and hats organized and all together has been quite the task. I finally decided to create a specific Dress Up zone and hid it behind that un-used door space. After crafting this simple burlap banner, they LOVE putting all their clothes back on the hooks. Happy kids and happy mama!”

I would like to add, “Smart mama and Organized Mama!”

Amy shares the tutorial of how she made this adorable burlap banner on her blog.  Click HERE to view.

Do you have a specific area in your home where you store your kids’ dress up clothes?

Happy Organizing!!!

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