Adding a Mudroom to Your Garage

If you have a garage, it might look something like the top picture, but you would like it to look like the bottom picture, right?

I don’t blame you.  I do too.  Smile

I especially love the “mudroom” in the garage.  Kim, from The Kim Six Fix, used $300 worth of IKEA bookcases to create her garage mudroom.

Her whole family loves it!

To see which bookcases she used and to see the other side of her organized garage, click HERE.

Happy Organizing!!!

One Response to Adding a Mudroom to Your Garage

  1. Barb Hudson (Yankoski) February 27, 2014 at 8:38 pm #

    This is my plan as soon as the weather gets nice enough so I can pull everything out of the amazing huge enclosed and with a door that locks storage area we created at the end of the carport, I am going to re-organize the Rubbermaid totes, label every single one of them and have them up on the appropriate shelves. I want to throw out or give away whatever we aren’t using or are never ever going to use. We have so much storage in our 1900 square foot city townhouse and suddenly we realize we have accumulated so much stuff – and I am constantly sending huge amounts of household items, clothing and bedding to charity – I don’t understand how it gets this way. Thanks for the great ideas. ….Cheers from the west coast of Canada – this senior lady is a huge fan my dear xoxo

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