Organizing Small Items


You may have seen something like this before, but it is brilliant enough to be repeated.  Smile



Keeping track of all the nut, bolts, and screws in your garage can be maddening.

But Chez from Chez Larrson, shares how to easily organize them all with recycled peanut butter jars.



I love that the items are easily accessible and the clear jars make it easy to see what is inside.


This idea could be used inside the home as well, like in an office or craft room.

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Happy Organizing!

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  1. Karen LS December 6, 2013 at 4:07 am #

    Many years ago, I did this in my small kitchen, with glass canning jars. I stored pasta, cocoa mix, tea, etc. It was great because we had very little counter or cupboard space for canisters AND items kept well in the jars.

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